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Pierre Hermé

The World’s Best Pastry Chef in 2016

Elegance, refinement, aromas, sensations and pleasure lead us to a tasteful voyage through the best pastries and macarons of the world. Pierre Hermé was elected the world’s best pastry chef for the year 2016 by the World’s Best 50 Restaurants academy. Undoubtedly, an authority in France’s macarons, he was also awarded in the past the Chevalier de La Légion d’Honneur. With his artistry, creativity and finesse, he mastered an endless pastry repertoire; the two succulent desserts of his latest creations, namely the Ispahan tart and the Saint-Honoré Ispahan are gaining a great popularity.

French Vogue magazine nominated him the “Picasso of Pastry” substantially displayed in his creations, boutiques’ openings in the four corners of the word and inspiring books that reveal his long list of inventions to his fans and to the connoisseurs.

Today, Pierre Hermé reflects his accomplishments through the thirty-five worldwide boutique openings.

Taking a look at his books’ library, we found the following:

Desserts by Pierre Hermé, Chocolate Desserts, Pierre Hermé Pastries, Pierre Hermé Macarons, Carrément Chocolat, Comme un Chef, Rêves de Pâtissiers, Le Larousse du Chocolat, Satine, Best of Pierre Hermé, and  many others that can be found on his website: http://www.pierreherme.com/products/books1.html

Savor the French pastry experience and live the passion of Pierre Hermé!