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Alain Passard

November 14, 2016

A Voyage of Flavors

"My gardens saved my life"…

"Find your own marvelous space, your phenomenal comfort, find love, happiness and a wellbeing, find things that you can't feel anywhere else"… those words and phrases resonate in my mind and heart, every time I see a new creation for Alain Passard.


Alain Passard for so many people, is an exemplary Chef for business scalability and success. 


When you discover the man behind the emotional philosophy of cooking with love, innovating and transforming the nature's gifts and his garden's baby vegetables into tasty memories of a lifetime, then you would give yourself the other chances you deserve to excel in the things you love most in life. 


At the age of 14, Alain decided to be a chef and never changed his mind ever since. This is a great indicator of his sincere love to his job, his wide experience in the field and the passion reflected in his creations. 


Influenced by his grandmother who was an excellent cook, the cracking of the fire and the whistle of the oven while she was in her kitchen, are today inspiring sounds to Alain's ears. He believes that a good cuisine starts by the good ingredients and that the care the gardeners’ artists give those ingredients contribute to their fresh look, exceptional quality and exquisite taste.  A visionary behind the idea of the farm to table dishes, the garden is his magical space and place, where he grows his vegetables.


At one point in time, Alain Passard reset the operation of his restaurant to focus on vegetables, rather than meat, swaying the culinary world around him and putting the vegetables in the center of the world. While we always thought that the celery, the onion, the beet, were only side dishes, he transformed them into the main actors of his cuisine. 

The menu is never the same and is always elaborated based on the garden vegetables of the day.  This is the magic of L'Arpège restaurant. By not writing down any recipe, Alain feels the urge to research continuously, innovate and evolve, even though he believes it is never that easy. What shall be today's creations? A daily risk and challenge that explodes in masterpieces. 


Involve all your senses and live the passion of Alain Passard; L'Arpège restaurant, a gastronomic rendez-vous not to miss out on while in Paris. 


L’Arpège Restaurant

84 Rue de Varenne, 75007, Paris