Exclusive experiences.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to pursue and enjoy unique and memorable gourmet journeys through unveiling the secrets of the land, its people and cuisine. We believe that food travel is experiential and is a five folding impact, where all human senses are incited. Flying for the Château or the terroir, the farm or the Michelin star restaurant, we invite everyone to take part of this new way of travelling, where emotions, empathy and food tourism revitalize altruism and human talent.

Embark with us on culinary and wine journeys of a lifetime and feel the soul of a destination through its cuisine.

The Team
Marianne Abou Jaoude Founder, Culinary Travel Consultant
Nazira El Atrache Managing Partner
Marie-Christine Tayah Pencil Wanderer
Joseph Abou Atmeh Digital Marketing Ambassador
Lama Wehbe Research and Development Ambassador


Heart-driven and mind-determined, Marianne is the founder of “Le Passeport Culinaire” or The Culinary Passport.  With a CCTP – Certified Culinary Travel Professional Diploma, a Master degree in Cultural and Touristic Engineering, a BA in Hospitality Management and fifteen years of experience in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industry, she started few years ago exploring France and other parts of the world, motivated by a passion to embark on unique and memorable culinary experiences. Flying for the Château or the terroir, the farm or the Michelin star restaurant, she invites everyone to take part of this new way of travelling, where emotions, empathy and food tourism revitalize altruism and human talent.
Our philosophy is SPECTRAH: The Science of Pairing Empathy and Culinary Tourism to Revitalize Altruism and Human Talent. 
Feel a deeper sense of our philosophy in the "Values" section.


Nazira el atrache

Former General Manager of Le Bristol Hotel in Beirut, she is currently the managing partner of Le Passeport Culinaire. She tremendously enjoys the discovery, tasting and development aspects of the culinary travel and cherishes great moments every time she embarks in a new gourmet journey. As a hospitality industry professional, connecting and meeting people is her primary motive. Nazira is currently fully dedicated to the Culinary Passport Club project. Looking for good restaurants, meeting with the producers, hiking in the nature, enjoying good wine and mingling with people are some of the hobbies and interests that occupy her daily life. She is the driving force for our projects and is always keen on ensuring their success and scalability. 



She is a pencil wanderer and the person behind Feuilles Blanches. She finds words to put on everything she sees, feels, touches… A pencil at hand, she travels places and people…
Every time “Le Passeport Culinaire” comes back from a new discovery in France and other parts of the world, she gathers with them around a glass of wine and some blank papers… With a pencil at heart, she engraves their stories in her soul, and inks their personalized experiences to share them back. She dreams on and hopes to take the ride, on the next flight, for an everlasting journey…



Joseph holds a Master degree in Finance and a Bachelor in Economic Sciences from the “Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth”.
He has always been passionate about arts ever since his young age. He used this particular strength to get the best from both worlds. When he's not sketching, writing or editing, he is working on projects for digital marketing, social media management and small business tools for financial and stock management. Being part of le Passeport Culinaire means a lot to Joseph since it represents everything he loves: travel, food and openness to other cultures.



An avid dreamer and learner, Lama graduated with a masters degree in digital design from the Iuav University of Venice, Italy. During her years in Italy, she developed her passion for the rich world of wine and went for an executive master in Wine Export Management at the Fondazione Edmund Mach di San Michele All'Adige in Trento. She complemented her wine education by earning the WSET3 (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) diploma, acquiring it with merit. She has recently moved back to Lebanon and is currently dedicated to shaping new experiences for the Culinary Passport club through research and her interest to explore the world of wine within a broader culinary approach. Lama is inspired by the aesthetics of historical towns, popular culture, art and architecture and seeks to bring innovative gourmet ideas to our journeys in order to enhance the connection with the places we visit.