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Château La Dominique


Explore the peace and tranquility of Château la Dominique estate vineyard located in the breathtaking Saint-Émilion, UNESCO world heritage site, and enjoy the wine tasting in the boutique, the private cellars or the panoramic terrace overlooking the sea of vineyards. La Terrasse Rouge, a genuine belvedere overlooking the vineyards, is the Château’s brasserie offering exceptional regional food all year round.

Our culinary and food travel consultants plan bespoke itineraries including but not limited to:

  • Wine and gastronomic bites: A private guided tour with a commented tasting inside the cellars, based on 3 wines in accordance with 3 bites prepared by the Chef of La “Terrasse Rouge”. 
  • A private and tailor-made visit where history, terroir, architecture and the secrets of wine elaboration meet around a tasting of three wines.  
  • Pairing Food & Wine dinner.
  • Hiking on the wine roads.
  • Wine and Bike tour in the vineyards.
  • A ballade in the great vineyard train.
  • Discovery and introduction to the wines of Saint Émilion.
  • Discovery of 2 UNESCO listed sites in Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion
  • Flight.
  • Transportation.
  • Castle stay.


Ask now for your tailor made package and ensure the best deal for your upcoming culinary and wine journey.



Production Region: Saint-Emilion

Appellation: Saint-Emilion, Grand Cru Classé

Vineyard Area: 30 hectares

Wines: Château La Dominique | Relais De La Dominique

Grape Varieties: Merlot | Cabernet Franc | Cabernet Sauvignon


Red and shiny, the new cellar of Château La Dominique was designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel. This modern project, as simple as it is daring, hosts the new fermenting room of the wine estate which recently increased from 25 to 30 hectares. The work was completed in March 2014 and it greatly transformed the appearance of the property, carrying the estate forward into the new era.

The roof is a panoramic terrace offering a marvelous view of the vineyard landscape, sprinkled with great Châteaux and villages. The terrace is covered with red glass pebbles, representing symbolic grapes which the visitor can tread. One part of the terrace is covered and includes a restaurant with excellent views, La Terrasse Rouge, forming a unique belvedere in the Bordeaux vineyards.


With its deep and shiny color, Château La Dominique brings together the generosity of a Saint Emilion and the tipicity of a Pomerol wine.

The nose is intense, characterized by seducing aromas of ripe fruits and subtle spicy notes. In most vintages, you will find truffle and licorice notes, complemented by peppery and woody aromas.

With a sharp attack, it is fleshy and round, with silky and precise tannins. The finish is long and full and leaves you with a pleasant feeling of bliss.

Aimed to be aged in most vintages, but can also be appreciated during its early years. 



In order to balance performance and environmental conservation, particular attention is given to the vineyard of La Dominique. Each plot is closely monitored, and its individual characteristics are taken into account for the vine works required throughout the seasons. For several years, the vineyard has been managed according to rules of sustainable agriculture.



  • Soil: 25% brown clayey soils, 75% ancient sands mixed with gravel on clay subsoils
  • Grape varieties: 81% Merlot, 16% Cabernet Franc, 3% Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Average vine age: 35 years’ old
  • Plantation density: 7,000 to 9,000 vines/ha
  • Viticulture method: Traditional, natural grass cover every second row depending on vine vigor, works following sustainable agriculture principles
  • Pruning method: single and double Guyot
  • Harvesting: Entirely by hand, for good quality grapes
  • Vinification: Tapered stainless steel temperature controlled tanks
  • Maturation: 70% to 80% in new barrels 
  • Yield: 40 hl/ha
  • Average production: 90,000 bottles

Château La Dominique, 33330 Saint-Emilion, France