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Santa Fe Farmer’s Market, A Feast For The Senses

August 20, 2016

Our visit in the Autumn of 2016

With the smell of green chile roasting in the air, vendors haggling with the prices of their goods, the hustle and bustle of an old world market, a slight chill in the morning air and the turning of the Aspen leaves quaking in the hills above the “city different”…the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market is a must see while visiting Santa Fe!

Wake up early and head downtown to one of the oldest, largest and most successful growers’ markets in the country! Actually voted one of the “Top Ten Farmers’ Markets” by Sunset Magazine, this market serves more than 150 farmers and producers in 15 Northern New Mexico counties. One of the main goals of this market is to bring fresh food, education, and fun to the community and promote small farms and sustainable agriculture in Northern New Mexico. The vendors at this market sell only 100% locally grown products and are the actual growers and producers themselves.

Once you’ve arrived, the colors and smells will overwhelm. Finding a beginning point is most difficult due to this festival for the eyes - you’re really not sure where to start! Cruise up and down the aisles and choose from fresh vegetables including tomatoes, squash, garlic, corn, green chile (a product unique to New Mexico), onions, fresh honey, lavender products, fresh herbs, cheeses and so much more. It is most certainly a feast for the senses. One can’t but buy fresh produce or sample something that will truly inspire a culinary creation at home! Musicians line the street and serenade you while you attempt to contain your excitement.

Meet with local chefs and taste the many flavors of the area. You may even get a recipe on the fly while eavesdropping as I did on how to make the aromatic shishito peppers. A bit of olive oil in the pan, cook until they darker in darker color, splash a bit of water and cover to steam and salt to taste. Delicious!

A visit to this market certainly provides a feeling of well-being. Santa Fe in general is a spiritual place bringing you closer to nature, however, the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market will be the perfect ingredient to your stay!


Santa Fe Railyard

1607 Paseo de Peralta 
Santa Fe, New Mexico  USA
Market Hours:
Sat & Tues 7am-1pm
Wednesday 4pm-8pm
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