Château Capitoul

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Château Capitoul

La clape massif and chateau capitoul

Escape the daily busy and hustled life for a heavenly wine retreat in the midst of history and nature in the Languedoc.


We plan your unforgettable wine journey:


  • Discovery of the vineyards, the Château winery and the cellars.
  • Tasting of a refined selection of five AOC wines on the spectacular terrace overlooking the pond and the vineyard.
  • Riding through the vineyards and a discovery of the different grape varieties of the region.
  • Flight arrangements.
  • Transportation.
  • Guide.
  • Caste stay.
  • Wine and gourmet tastings and dinners.
  • Full Culinary and cultural guided tours.


Ask now for your tailor made package and ensure the best deal for your upcoming culinary and wine journey.


Château Capitoul: Gem of La Clape

Château Capitoul is a gem which lies between the sea and the “guarrigue”. The view is breathtaking with the vineyards losing themselves in the infinity of the valley before melting into the horizon between salt lakes and blue mountains. 

The vineyard of Château Capitoul goes back to the 14th century, when it was owned and run by the cathedral of Narbonne, which gave its name to the Château. Ideally located in the middle of Languedoc’s largest natural site which allows for sustainable viticulture, it produces top quality wines that reflect the best that the “Appellation La Clape” has to offer.


La Clape: An island of Great Wines

Located in the very south of France, the Clape massif was the first vineyard outside Italy, created by Julius Cesar himself in the second century BC. Formerly an island, this stony massif offers an extraordinary typology of territories, spread out on 17 km of length and 7 km of width between the Mediterranean Sea in the East and the salt lakes in the South.

In 2015, the appellation La Clape was accredited “Grand Cru” thus joining other prestigious internationally renowned French appellations.


An Extraordinary Generous Terroir 

The soils of Château Capitoul are known for their excellence and variety

The vineyard of Château Capitoul Stands out by its geographical situation and its terroir. Being the only vineyard of the appellation located in the extreme west of the Clape massif, it fully benefits of the offshore wind, the “Cers”, drying the vines from the sea breeze of the Autan wind and thus creating an ideal phytosanitary environment.

It's clay-gravel, limestone-marl and limestone-clay soils keep the grape intact and make for wines that are round but not fat, powerful but elegant nevertheless.


Château Capitoul Wine Cellars 

Today Château Capitoul is pleased to welcome you in its cellars for a wine tasting. You will thus get to discover the vineyards, the winery of Château Capitoul, and enjoy its wines while overlooking the spectacular view from its terrace.


The 60 hectares of Château Capitoul are cultivated on plateaus. Every bunch of grape draws its aromatic richness from the exchanges with neighboring plants and their echoes of guarrigue. Producing red and white simultaneously, wines express soft, round, and strong flowery aromas along with a complex aromatic palate.

The true expression of the terroir is pushed to it paroxysm. Each plot is handcrafted in order to deliver the showcase wines of the appellation. Theses award winning wines are powerful, elegant and full of character.


Fact Sheet:

Production Region: Languedoc

Appellation: La Clape AOC | La Clape from the Occitan meaning “pile of stone”

Vineyard Area: 60 hectares

Wines: Rocaille | Maëlma | Les oubliées

Grape Varieties: The art of the winemaker lies in the choice of these blends. This is what defines the essence of AOC wines.

  • Grenache, Mourvedre and Syrah for red and rosé wines.
  • Bourboulenc and Grenache Blanc for white wines.
  • Other varieties are present in this region: Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier and Cinsault.




Château Capitoul

Bonfils - Vins & Châteaux, 1870

Route de Gruissan- 11100 Narbonne- France