Château Villerambert

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Château Villerambert


Escape the daily busy and hustled life for a heavenly wine retreat in the midst of history and nature in the Languedoc. Discover the only vines grown on pink marble.


It is said that these soils vibrate between “intense red and diamond black”, because wine, red marble and truffles thrive here.

At Château Villerambert, the marble is pink, which is extremely rare. So called “royal” marble, because its beauty rose the interest of King Louis XIV who used it to construct one of the most emblematic building of the Château de Versailles: The Grand Trianon


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Fact Sheet

Production Region: Languedoc

Appellation: Minervois AOC

Vineyard Area: 100 hectares

Wines: Château Villerambert Julien Blanc | Château Villerambert Julien Rosé | Opéra Villerambert Julien 2007 | Incarnat Villerambert Julien | Château Villerambert Julien Rouge | Château Villerambert Julien Rouge Ourdivieille

Grape Varieties: Grenache | Syrah | Marsanne | Roussane | Viognier


The domain of Château Villerambert has been dedicated to wine growing since the fourth century. Syrah and Grenache varietals that best suit this terroir, achieve full ripeness and produce concentrated, warm wines.

This outstanding terroir is home to AOPs which combine the elegance, roundness and structure that are the typical characteristics of Minervois great wines. Power, length and finesse are the terms that define the wines of the Château Villerambert.

At Château Villerambert, wines are showcased and tasted in the former Chapelle of the Château transformed into a tasting room. You will discover wines of exception in a place full of history.



Le Minervois- Land of Winds


Winds to produce great wines
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